H2Tech is a magazine launched in 2021 by Gulf Energy Information. It is a working technology magazine for the hydrogen industry. As the first technical publication devoted entirely to applications and trends for the hydrogen community worldwide, H2Tech is geared toward engineers and other professionals involved in hydrogen production technologies and applications progress on all spectrums—from gray and brown to blue and green, and beyond.
With a sharpened focus on present and future technology applications, H2Tech is designed to offer in-depth, front-line examination of issues and opportunities facing the hydrogen industry. Coverage topics include technology advances for hydrogen production and use, blue and green hydrogen projects, hydrogen distribution and fueling infrastructure development, safety and sustainability concerns, market and pricing trends, the future of hydrogen energy, and many more. H2Tech articles are authored by technology experts and officials working in the hydrogen sector worldwide and curated by H2Tech’s award-winning editorial team, which has 80+ combined years of experience in the trade media, engineering and energy sectors.