Petroleum Economist is a monthly magazine that provides macro-economic and geopolitical analysis of the energy industry. It has been covering topics on oil, its politics and economics since 1934. Petroleum Economist has explained some of the industry’s biggest disruptions – such as the 1973 oil crisis, the Gulf Wars, the rise of China, the Arab uprisings, and the more recent supply-side shocks from North America’s unconventional energy sector.
Petroleum Economist has covered the booms and busts of oil prices and always looks ahead, drawing on long experience to spot emerging trends. At a time of change for the industry – influenced by everything from Opec policy to UN climate summits – Petroleum Economist remains the indispensable authority on energy.
The magazine’s coverage goes beyond the headlines,
giving subscribers essential insight into global oil and gas policy and markets. Readers use the information to shape business strategies, whether they lead state-owned or private companies. Governments read and talk about the Petroleum Economist because it explains policy clearly and intelligently.