Since 1859, Pipeline & Gas Journal is the essential resource
for technology and trends in the midstream industry;
written and edited to be of service to those involved
in moving, marketing and managing hydrocarbons
from the wellhead to the ultimate consumer.
Properly built, maintained and operated pipelines
are the safest, most efficient method of transporting energy.
The intention of the journal is to assist its subscribers in performing their jobs to the utmost of their abilities and knowledge by providing information required in the day-to-day operation of energy pipelines. Energy transportation is a very technical business that demands continual upgrading of skills and expertise. Pipeline & Gas Journal will continue to serve its subscribers by showing how innovative companies successfully use technology, and cope with changes caused by forces inside as well as outside the industry through this monthly magazine (print & digital); website; eNewsletter; special reports; studies, surveys, supplements; webinars; sponsored content, social media platforms; events, etc.